ESB Sidearm pic


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ok, I know I haven't got an ESB suit but as someone once said "you can't ever have enough guns"
It's a Nintendo zapper that I'm currently modifying into a better version.
After cutting the main body up with my trusty Dremel, I've used sintra to build up the basic shape of the blaster.
2 sizes of alumilium tube make up the barrel, and a UHF connector is the nozzel at the end.

It's under "Blaster" at

Just change the link to get rid of the period at the end, then it works :)

Very nice job, I just made my zapper brown and make the end piece, I will probably do something similar to what you did.
looks good. Pretty cool to see people getting inventive making replicas out of existing stuff, it's almost like hardware lightsabers.

the whole costume is looking good.
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