ESB/SE Back panel Colors


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I need clarification on one thing before starting my RsProps Lineage helmet. I am painting it SE version and as much as I can find out it matches the ESB paintjob for the most part.

The one color I am unsure about is the bluish-grey/mint/white/off-white color on the back panels(not the silver base, the bluish color on top of it). I have seen 4 different helmets builds on this site each using a different color. I am using rafalfetts stencils.

What is the screen accurate color?


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The reason you’re seeing different interpretations of that colour is because it hasn’t truly been “identified” (few colours have been ). A lot of research on and off this forum has lead us to vintage Floquil model colours for the Boba Fett helmet and armour, but that particular colour is tricky because it could be from that line of paints, some other brand of primer, or it could be the fiberglass gel-coat showing through. I think it’s less blue/minty than that image suggests, I would do some testing to find a colour that works for you.


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Planning on going with a light grey or mint. The one reference photo I found made it look to be a grayish color. But I like how the mint adds more pop and contrast.

Does anybody know the approximate color though? I know it's next to impossible to find the true color.


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The light gray (with a tint of blue) is actually the primer that is showing through the silver. In this image you can see the primer between the upper and lower right ears:

And here without the ears:

And how the color changes when hit by the light:
Base Gray & Bright Silver.jpg