ESB Rangefinder inner light

Tyler Durden

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Edit: After asking this question almost two years ago, the new DVD provides a definite answer! Thanks for the cap, BB.


This may be old news, but while taking some ESB caps, I noticed an inner light on the down-position RF. I always thought it was just a reflection, but it seems to be too consistent in slo mo to be a reflection


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I've got that under my rangefinder. I cut out a small square and inserted a green piece of plastic with a green LED under it. It turns on only in the down position.
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Art Andrews

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New Rangefinder Light Discovery??

Don't know if this has been brought up before but it seems pretty clear that there is a light under the black detail piece, inside the Rangefinder.. Looks kinda like a bar.. maybe like the rods we can clearly see inside the rangefinder at MoM....



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I noticed that too, in the MoM piece yopu can see a green "led" on the strips. :)
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