ESB Rangefinder ear color ?


Well I've talked to some people about this, but I was wondering what everyone else thought.. or hopefully someone that's seen the real deal up close.. I've seen people paint the ear (right where it meets the helmet) yellow and I've seen green.. Looking through the ref pics though, some of them I'd swear that it's defintely green, others look yellow, and then some looks like a green towards the bottom of the ear, but is lighter on top.. I was planning on making it green, but then noticed some of the guys doing incredible paint jobs are making that part the yellowish color.. so now I'm making myself crazy staring at these ref shots, because I'm still thinking green.. any help or thoughts would be great..


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I dunno If Im partly colorblind or what, but every angle I look at, I still see more green in there then yellow.. maybe I paint it blue and be done with it.. whatever color it is, it looks darker to me then the face of the earcap.. but apparently I'm missing something since everyone seems to be making it a lighter yellow color.. :) I think I'm going to do a mix of the two..

btw, superjedi.. thanks for the excellent tips and putting up with me.. you've got some awesome skills.. (even if you think the ear is yellow :p )
The closest out of the bottle color is Testors panzer dunkelgelb. Weather it down and it looks pretty dead on.
I knew you weren't the only one :p which is why I was looking for more opinions.. or maybe a "I know it might look green at that angle, but trust me, it really isnt" I don't think anyone cares however, so I'm just going to mess around with it myself and see what I come up with.. :)
Tension113 said:
or maybe a "I know it might look green at that angle, but trust me, it really isnt"

Well, trust me, it's yellow- the color of the ear. :) Granted, the base color green is under the yellow, but I don't see any signs of bleed through. Maybe you have x-ray vision! ;)
Not trying to be a MOTO, but is this where you got the green idea? The ROTJ helmet shows green inside the earcap (ref: MoM_2002-06-16_055.jpg)

(check out the countersink inside the earcap and what could be a wire too ;) ) So, did you already paint it? :facepalm

I may not be good with colors, but I know enough to look at the ESB helmet in order to find out the ESB colors :lol:

actually.. since then, I decided to put the pics up on my tv and then asked myself.. 'ok.. why do they look more yellow on here?' so on three monitors, it looked green, but on my tv, I see yellow in there.. It's not as bright as the way I see most people make it, but I was actually able to see some yellow in there finally..
pics will defintely come soon.. although I know there's nothing but great comments towards everyone's work on here, it's a little intimidating after some of the helmets that have been going up on here lately.. like that superjedi guy for one.. :p mine's just coming along very very slowly since I like to let color details like this drive me crazy for two weeks..

I agree with Cal, It's dirty gold-ish or bronze. I just painted mine (posting pics today) gold, but need to do a black-wash over it so it's not too shiny. That with more weathering should get the desired look. The ROTJ ear piece is silver with the that section looking like the helmet green, but ESB is definately gold/bronze. Just my two cents.

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