ESB/Prepro right gauntlet detail

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Anyone know what that little square is? Looks like some sort of button.
I noticed it on the pre-pro #1 and 3 where it is white, and ESB where it is red.


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Hmmm...It does look kinda reddish in that one pic. I put one of these on mine, but painted it black. I don't know if its a push button or what. I just cut a square piece of fiberglass from a leftover hunk i had lying around and glued it on. If I had to guess though, I would say that its actually molded into the gauntlet shell, then painted.


Edit: Actually, now that I looked at it again...on the prepro it does look more like a push button of some kind, but looks molded on the ESB gaunt...go figure:facepalm
Heres how mine looks:)
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I thoughrt so to at first, but the ROTJ gauntlets have an indent where it should be.

Also note the slight concave indent, which looks a lot like a button from and old adding machine or keyboard. It doens't look vacuformed to me.
As far as I know, the piece hasn't been idenitified. It is definitely a separate piece not vacuformed as part of the base gauntlet. The base gauntlet has square indentation to accomodate the greeblie.
The dent on the ROTJ gaunt could just be a place holder for the cutout where the push button was to be attached. I know there were a number of things built into the suit that were never used. If the push button was never used, then maybe it was never added to the Jedi gauntlets.
I was talking to JFJ last night on PM and suggested the idea of it being a button from an old adding machine similar to this one. The buttons have that convex outer shape with the concave depression for the button.

OK so now that we know it's there a color is the only thing left to be sure of. We have some black and one that could definitely pass for the "Boxcar Red" used for the madibles and jet pack details.

What do you guys think??

Yeah..I think so too. Do you guys see any difference between the prepro & ESB though??? They still look a bit different to me. Maybe my eyes are going bad, but I'm not seeing the convex (or is it concave :lol:) signs on the ESB. Also, the esb looks like it is not as wide as the prepro. Also, the outside egdes look pretty strait on the ESB, while a bit rounded on the prepro. Maybe I'm way over-annalyzing:)
Rule #1 of Fett costuming : YOU CAN NEVER OVER ANALYZE :lol:

It's looking more like an added peice of flat plastic on ESB to me also thus the difference in size we're seeing,whereas on the Pre-pro it seems like a conCAVE ;) button.

DL44 Blaster said:
could be...a Chicklet would be conVEX ;)

I'm getting far too much mileage out of this vex vs. cave thing :lol: they licked it it first, got it soft and then pressed it on there...the thumb left a concave impression...see?!?!

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