For Sale ESB painted Jetpack CHEAP!

Sold for 450.00 USD
Selling my painted and assembled (by me) MOW Jetpack due to a financial issue that has come up unexpectedly. Letting go for wayyy cheaper than what others sell painted and assembled packs for. All it needs is to attach the parts laying on the table (glue, magnets, bolts, etc), hooks/clips, and the decals (sold by lucky designs here on tdh).
Looking to get rid of this ASAP! $450 shipped inside the US, or $500 shipped international. If you send via PayPal goods And services, please send extra to cover the pp fees.

Thank you !
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Jr Hunter
Is it complete except for the beacon and stabilizer?

I think the post answered my questions. Curious if this is still available. Do you have a pic of the back?
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