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A while back I began making some templates for the battle damage on the ESB helmet since I intended to paint my bobamaker in this scheme. I was giving thought to completing these templates of the signature scars.

Using the AoSW hi res images of the ESB helmet, Ive traced a couple of the signature scars in vector format . .meaning they are easy to scale without loosing detail. This bit easy though tedious :) .

The problem though is accounting for the fact that these scars have been traced as they appear on a curved surface . . meaning they would need to be distorted slightly for printing. The other problem is knowing the scale/dimensions of each scar, though members input could help solve this issue. It would be a case of trial and error I think but it is workable.

Attached is an image showing how I have traced the scars to produce a vector shape/outline and gives an idea of how the templates might look. Please note this image is not to scale with a real helmet.

Let me know what you guys think of this example and if its worth trying to complete.
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I really like it! I would love to have something like this when I start working on my bucket. I've been playing around at "drawing" battle damage on an old Jango Fett Rubies and everytime I do, it comes out looking like I've either dropped something like mayo or mustard on the bucket, or it looks like camoflauge.

I think this would be an excellent idea/tool for people to use!!!! PLEASE CONTINUE!
Very cool!!! I agree W/ RS. Don't worry to much about the curves etc, just keep doing it like you are. looks awesome so far.
I posted the ones I'd already began making before because I did a search for paint templates and came up blank (apart from one thread which just discusses the use of templates). I didn't realize there are people making some already and I certainly dont want to step on anybody's toes . .especially AFFO$ considering I've just bought an awesome looking helmet from.

The two I have already made didn't take long at all really, maybe an hour and a half for the two combined.
I didn't mention about AFFO$ doing it because i thought you were stepping on his or anyone elses toes...
I just thought this process was already underway by some of the members here...

The more people doing it the better!... as mentioned above.

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