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ESB gaunts

Does anyone have a good set of photos of their finished ESB gauntlets, please?
I've been looking for reference for mine, and have spotted a few little bits that need work on from the reference available of the screen-used parts - But could do with a better few shots of finished pieces.
Also, DO the ESB gauntlets have hoses attached? It's actually quite unclear from the shots I've seen so far... If so, where?
Thanks - It's Slave1Pilot's gauntlets that I have! And the first thread was the other one I looked at.
I was after photos of other people's gauntlets in-situ on their costumes to give me a better idea of how to interpret some of the less-clear photos of the production-used pieces.

So in ESB there's only ONE hose, and it's attached to the raised section at the back?
Whereas Jedi has three hoses?
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