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ESB Gaunts

I have searched all the search worl on this. Did they ever decide about the color for the Gauntlets. is it the same green as the Helmet? Is this same Green used on the Armor? it was being discussed. But no answer seemed to come from it that I could find.

Also, what are the little missles used on the esb Gauntlets and what switches and greeblies are used. and was there a LED or not.

questions that I can't seem to find on the Search engine. Probably not typing something in right.

I used the testors panzer olivegrun 1943 on mine. It's the color that RS found for us for the buckets, and I think it looks pretty good on the gauntlets too;)


EDIT: Oh yeah, there are 2 leds on the right gaunt, one red, the other clear. The real switches are some type of tiny rotary switch I believe, and are most likely european in origin if memory serves. The last time I rember reading anything about those, they had not been identified. I think most people are using tiny toggle switches that you can pick up at radioshack. Hope that helps:)
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