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  1. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member

    I'm getting ready to paint my armor and helmet, but can't find an updated list of correct paint colors that are actually available. I have the 'paint by numbers' picture that uses all the Humbrol paints, but even they don't carry some of the ones on the list anymore. Although I do appreciate the 'check out my build blog' responses, unless it shows what colors are used and if they're still available...its not much help. Thanks!
  2. lancer

    lancer New Member

    Curious as to where you were looking to purchase paints? I was able to secure every color from the “paint by numbers” list as recently as about 6 weeks ago.
  3. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member After not finding about four of them, I tried other sites. Where did you get yours?
  4. lancer

    lancer New Member

    I ordered the majority from Humbrol, the ones they did not stock I was able to get at for the same price.
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  5. WhiteShadow

    WhiteShadow Member

    This won't help if you're set on using only humbrol, but I'm attaching a pdf that cross references most of the discontinued floquil/pollyscale colors with the current versions and current manufacturers. Hope it helps.

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  6. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member

    I'm more than happy to use an equivalent brand. Thank you!
  7. RedBeard

    RedBeard Jr Member

    Found all of them, thanks for the info.
  8. clmayfield

    clmayfield Member

    I did a writeup on where I had to deviate from paint by numbers humbrol guide. I will try to find it.
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