ESB Fett helmet pics wanted (no camera flash pics please)


I am getting together as many pics as i can of the ESB helmet, so i can take them to a paint matching place to have the green made up for the dome and cheeks.
Most of the pictures we see of the helmet, have been taken using a flash, this makes the green look very different than it really is. When i went to the AOSW exhibition, the first thing i noticed when i looked at the Fett helmet, was that the green looked just like ww2 military vehicle green.
Any pics or video camera stills of the helmet under normal light would be much appreciated.
I want to get this helmet spot on, im sure with a few good pics of the green, this paint matching place should get the colour just right.



Tyler Durden

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Keith, I've noticed the same thing about the ESB helmet. Not only is it a difficult color to get right, but most of the shots of the helmet are done in very poor lighting, too much lighting, or colored lighting.

Until I get home to post some pics, check out Motorfish's , Fett Pride's, or Micke's helmet for some very close ESB greens in the following thread:

The best shot(s) of the ESB green you are talking about can be found in ROTJ SE photos, i.e. ESB helmet/ROTJ suit. Check out the visual dictionary pic of Fett's helmet color.


Thanks Tylerdurden, i would really like to see them pics you have at home. The green just looks so different under a super bright flash of electric light, i think lots of people are trying to match the wrong colour, this picture below is one of the few i have that shows green paint well, as i said, i think it looks just like ww2 military vehicle green. I will try them links now, thanks again.



I'm gettin a cd with over a 1000 pics I would be happy to send you one as I got plenty of blanks PM me..also gos for anyone else..


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Um, I am a total moran when it comes to computer stuff. How do I view those lovely pictures? (could you post a few goods ones here cause I am starting my weathering and I dont really have good close-ups. ??? Thanks:facepalm