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Hey dents,

Im slowly building my PP-2 Fett and Ive basically sold everything on ESB build sept a couple things. The sling gun is very nice to troop in; hands free, no big blaster. So Ive decided to part with my ESB EE3 Carbine.

Since this is a "weapon" prop, Im keeping this limited to US sale only to avoid complications.

***I do not have a box secured yet to ship but I work in a warehouse that has all kinds of boxes so it should be easy to get one. So I will keep you updated. I also have access to great packing material.

EE3 Details:
This was my first blaster and a labour of love. It's not full on screen accurate, its made mostly from resin material. Its solid. So it'll make a good trooping rifle or display piece.

Weight? I dont know but Ive trooped with it many of times without feeling fatigued in the arms. Never dropped it.

This is a MLS (Molon Abe Studio) kit V1 when he first started making EE3's. For those who dont know who MLS is, he was a member here who made some stuff in 2013-2015ish?

This rifle has gone through a big overhaul in aesthetics since its original form. The stock isnt wood, but solid, painted to look like wood with a technique I learned. The scope mounts used to look tall & elevated the scope top high. I got new ones and installed them with JB weild- they're on forever. Also the sqaure detail on the stock (red trimmed piece) used to NOT have the details in it

-The hammer was damaged by a security guard doing a weapons check but I fused it back on. It snapped the lip of the hammer but trying to pull it back.

-The the handle wiggled in the receiver of the flare gun slightly, and I reinforced with JB wield and it has held up for 5yrs with no trouble. It's still present but not as bad; again it's filled good with JB. It wont break unless you intentionally break it across your knee like Bane did to Batman.

Im asking $350 + shipping. Ask any questions.

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Weldon Thomson

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I’ll take the braids and the girth belt, if still available. Not sure how to pm you. If you can send me the appropriate info I can pay-pal the payment ASAP. Thanks.
- Weldon


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Jump suit on hold.

Becon and stablizer added to jet pack. Will add pics when I can.

Metal darts now included to right gauntlet. Will add pics when I can


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Gauntlets spoken for.

Dropping price on the pulse 40 to $180.

Here's a pic of the pack greeblies and darts that go with the pack & gauntlet

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