ESB Earpiece Colors?



Has that goldish/beige on the RF side been nailed down yet? I tried painting mine gold, hoping the weathering would tone it down, but it still looks kind of "Liberace-ish" to me!



Mr Fett

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I used Testors Model Master Panzer Dunkelgelb 1943. It's very close to the color I've seen in the reference pics. I weathered it darker a little though.

Boba Freekk

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i have the same problem.i misted as light as i could with gold and it still looks to "goldish".makes boba look like a rapper:lol:

Model Master Panzer Dunkelgelb 1943?im going to try that:D


Im not doing Boba but im using a spray paint called American Accents Taupe on a custom Mandalore and it really looks a lot like it.


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I painted mine light yellow + misted it little with a can of silver. I'm happy with the result:)
I think the left side is the same as the helmet. Only slightly lighter.