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Hi Fett fans! I'm happy to let you all know that I have received new stock on my ESB ear marking dry transfers.
It's been a bit since I've had these, and due to a price reduction from the manufacturer, I'm able to offer a better deal on them.
For this run only, I can send two complete sets for $28.00 shipped anywhere on Earth! (No shipping off planet ;))


The package includes:
* Two full sets of 4 dry transfers (8 markings in total).
* A sheet of guidelines and tips for using dry transfers.
* A full color placement guide.

Dry transfers are thinner than vinyl decals and look painted on when applied. They can be clear coated, or left uncoated.

Two sets will allow you to add the small ear markings to two helmets, or have some spares in case you need them.
You could also apply the second set to other things. Add a subtle Fett touch to your phone or tablet! Put them on your own actual ears!
(Disclaimer: don't put them on your own actual ears. :p)

Please send me a message for ordering info.
I accept PayPal only.


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-1 to your reputation for not telling me that these are not edible. Found out the hard way.

Kidding. Top-notch accessory, simple and easy solution to what can be a difficult part of the ESB build!
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