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Darth Voorhees - Jetpack Kit


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Everything has been Sold!

Hello there!

I’m selling a few Empire Strikes Back soft parts.

Delta Leather Works ESB belt $180USD (sold)

MOW ESB gloves $75USD (sold)

MOW ESB cape wool $50USD (sold)

Arkady ESB flightsuit w/ neck seal, and side pouches (made for 5’11”, 200lbs) $190USD (sold)

Only selling cause I’m building a ROTJ set.


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That ESB flight suit should be used for ROTJ Hero. The base color of the ROTJ Hero flight suit is light blue (may even be the ESB flight suit). The different shades of brown weathering shift the color a bit but in all the nooks and crannies, the light blue is clearly visible.

Lucksy31 - ESB JetPack Decal