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I have these parts on hand ready to ship . Bobamaker side pockets and ankle spats. Patterson squeegee. And stock D-bracket and grip. Please PM with any questions. Patterson $20 +shipping / Stock D-bracket/grip combo $148+ shipping. Thanks.
***EE-3 by sidewinder/with heiland/ 99centtaco leather sling assembled by DVH here on TDH $550 + shipping SOLD--SHIPPED
***MOW gauntlets built/paint DVH $450 shipped in U.S.-SOLD--SHIPPED
(Will include resin rocket made by DVH)
***Gloves XL $110 shipped in U.S.
*** Aluminum Flame Thrower $190 shipped in U.S. SOLD--SHIPPED

Bobamaker weathered Flight Suit $225 shipped in U.S. SOLD--Shipped
TK409 weathered cape $35 shipped in U.S.---SOLD--SHIPPED
Nemrod holster $169 shipped in U.S. SOLD--shipped

Gauntlet Rocket $ 130 shipped in U.S. SOLD-SHIPPED
Boba maker shin tools $55 shipped in U.S. SOLD--shipped
There is a crack see pictures , close up.
Michell Stylus replicas $45 shipped in U.S. SOLD--shipped
B grade side arm chip on tip $79 shipped in U.S. SOLD--shipped
Ammo belt SOLD--shipped
Girth belt. SOLD--shipped
BBF Harness SOLD--shipped

Flak jacket /neck seal SOLD--
Chest and Shoulder armor SOLD-Shipped
Butt and cod $287+shipping SOLD-Shipped
Back+ collar / Ali studs $240 + shipping SOLD-Shipped
Side pockets $65 shipped
Ankle ties 45shipped
Aluminum studs $60 +shipping SOLD-Shipped



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New pieces added more to come. Feel free to pm I have many other parts I might have something you want.


Hi greetings,

May I ask the price of the cape? The cape is approved/go to go as ESB?

EDIT: international shipping?

Ty in advance

It's ESB version cape but I have someone interested in it. If it falls through I'll keep you in mind , thanks for your interest .
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