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today I am listing my ESB costume for sale, I made a ROTJ costume and finished that recently and decided it’s just too much to have 2 costumes so I will be selling this one to focus on the other. Please not that this costume WILL NOT come with a: helmet or blasters. Helmet shown is just for the display. I will be painting a new ESB helmet eventually so if I’m the future you’d like to reserve that for this costume I will give whoever buys this first dibs when I finish that helmet eventually. I am looking to get $6,000 USD plus however much shipping will be for this but I am willing to negotiate the price, I am looking to get cash and no trades but I may be willing to take a trade and cash if you throw in some found parts that I may want with cash. I am 6ft weigh 195 with a athletic build, size 12 boots, size 32 inch waist. Costume is shown displayed on a 6ft mannequin. I will only be selling this to those in the US because I have had lots of trouble in the past with doing international especially with a package that will be this big. Features working chest display and a working jetpack beacon light. Also includes real alco switches on the gauntlet, and a real micro dental file on the jetpack
Here are the makers of each item:

vest/neck seal, flight suit, and pouches: Arkady
Gauntlets: man of war studios
Cape: Man of war studio premium wool cape
Belt: hand made horror shop
Boots: imperial boots
Metal rocket, metal gauntlet darts, metal jetpack greeblies, and metal jetpack beacon with light all made by: quest design Canada
Gloves: imperial boots
Chest armor: quest design canada
Shoulder/ knee armor, cod and kidney armor: purchased on eBay, unknown maker and painter, items are made out of fiberglass
Pulse 40 holster: unknown maker, purchased on eBay
Girth belt: unknown maker, given to me in a trade, will need to have straps added to it
US drivers belt buckle
Jetpack: darth vorhees (7cs props)
Braw strap jetpack harness
Wookiee braids: purchased on eBay
Everything except for the shoulder and knee armor was painted by me.

I believe that covers everything, if you have any questions feel free to ask me and thank you for checking out my listing!
DFAE8674-DC6A-4E95-A114-B5D2390FF783.jpeg 69C20796-6DF0-48C6-92AB-E8CB9FBA8563.jpeg 9DCD297F-A29A-4BE7-AA02-5E47A82BE77A.jpeg D594C711-6B83-441F-8EA3-F5897E960447.jpeg 81959D4B-6097-4A68-A129-4FA54F955975.jpeg 6ADE519E-6954-4243-85E5-676E5E4F1AE8.jpeg FE6EA285-8912-4412-9573-86731FBD123A.jpeg D1ADE4CA-380B-4427-BC83-701A7DD7B38D.jpeg C042CC0E-91B2-462D-87C1-11E4B0F8062E.jpeg A6653427-07B5-44D0-B8F0-F3F03365BBC4.jpeg 9450C86A-49F2-4DE2-AD15-A31ED88780C4.jpeg CC29F441-F777-45B7-A24E-FEAE66F734B1.jpeg 6CBA633F-0380-42E3-AECB-BB200D38F40A.jpeg EADA484E-1CA6-4ED7-B66F-8A0BE494F442.jpeg 309F467C-F02E-41DD-8095-08FD0F6AD10C.jpeg C5979D67-8B81-43A0-B0C2-0E9691B32B2F.jpeg 963E63C5-E7A3-4472-87F0-7D06927CA44E.jpeg C10AE4CD-DEA7-4032-9BE7-18B7BE8B3C3B.jpeg 7D6B96E5-9E91-44C5-9BC4-CDB3C3AA761A.jpeg 0CBC4383-FEE0-4E3D-8EAC-DE99E369AFBB.jpeg 86D2F783-51F5-4FB5-B25A-776B69CC5BAD.jpeg 2C22600D-A6DE-4ECD-AB22-CCF57974B4BD.jpeg D19FBCDF-0CAC-442C-8A27-35FE62FC6E8E.jpeg 65ECA0F8-6923-4EFA-B845-1FE7CC6E695E.jpeg 19FB1ED2-DAE9-4942-B25C-C0C98B418002.jpeg 380B8C00-3E36-4041-AF03-DAA0F9F13FEE.jpeg BFED6CA6-FA20-40F3-AE64-FE37F3F6B2A4.jpeg 30A07F12-739F-4CB4-821E-7EB1CD7657CA.jpeg
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