ESB blaster rifle scratch built.

boba fan

New Hunter
here is my scratch built ESB rifle so far. i have put in about 3 hrs into it and about $10. lets hear what yooz think.


Boba Fett

Active Hunter
That is nice. What did you use for the silver part of the barrel at the end? I am assuming that you used a toy gun or something as well?

Jimmy BufFETT

Well-Known Hunter
Did ya end up needin' to paint anything or is that the way it all came? I like the idea ya got for assembling it as inexpensivly as ya have ... nice work!:cheers

boba fan

New Hunter
yes re-painted it. the black was black, but glossy so i hit it with flat black. the tube was chrome i just misted the end to make it look used. thanks..
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