For Sale ESB Armor, Cape, Flight Suit

Darth Voorhees - Chin Cup


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For sale. Willing to piece out individually. Purchased each item from TDH site back in 2016, since then had two kids and have a third on the way! Needless to say, the ship has sailed and it is time to pass along these items to some people that will use them. It pains me to say goodbye.

[[SOLD]] Armor

Cape: $100

Suit: $100

I tried going back to find who made each, I apologize as I cannot figure it out. It is all quality stuff, as I bought it from here. First come first serve. Thanks! This will help cover some diapers and bottles!!!!


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what's the size on the flight suit?
Thanks for reminding me! I should have posted this before. This is what I have been sending to inquiries:
I don't have the best way to measure to I apologize. For reference, I am 5'9", 200lbs, waist 34, it fits a little tight. The waist has an elastic band for stretching.
From neck to ankle it is 56", shoulder to cuff 20", inseam (crotch) 26"
Chest is between 41-42"
Darth Voorhees - Chin Cup