eFX metal Boba Fett ears - stripping the paint?


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Does anyone know how the paint is applied on the ears of the eFX Boba Fett helmet?
What would be the best way to strip the paint from them, leaving only the shiny metal.


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I'd love to see the ears stripped of paint and separate from the helmet.
I am thinking about getting another eFX ESB Fett, and ROTJ it, which, requires bare metal ears. : )
My Hasbro ROTJ job is nice enough, but I know things could be better on a better helm, and I don't need right now to spend more than the cost of another eFX to get it done.


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Would the eFX collectibles helmet Boba fett PCR helmet pass inspection for the 501st to troop with using found parts to make it more authentic? Thanks for your input!