Blaster EE-3 stock wood species?


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Anyone know what the original flaregun stock and grip are made from?

The reason I ask is I'm thinking of a fabrication run of real wood stocks, possibly grips too for folks building their own blasters.

Suggestions on pricing also welcome. Obviously a lot of factors, so opinions of pricing for unfinished vs. stained/sealed welcome.
The grips are made of brass if I recall. I'll check my notes on the grip and the stock wood.

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Meh! My notes are CRAP!!!
I do believe brass is correct on the grip though.

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Thanks. I posted this from my phone, should be in cargo hold?

Once you have your plan together and are ready to gauge interest, then I'd put a thread in the Cargo Hold.
The stock is walnut and the grip is indeed brass although I have seen some with Bakerlite grips. I don't know if those were replacements though. The ROTJ props are resin copies.
Pretty sure the stock is walnut with a black walnut stain and the grip im pretty sure is brass as a couple others have alreasy pointed out :)
Great information, thank you. I used cedar for my stock, in the interest of keeping it as light as possible. I'm wondering if others would want a lighter wood stock?
Been making one out of pine, its very light and easy to work with..... Balsa wood would be super ultra light weight but is so soft of a wood you can dent it with your finger nail....
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