Blaster EE-3 ESB Sling

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    Hey Team!

    Can anyone shed some light on how to properly attach/wrap the leather sling to the sling rings? It looks like there's a type of slit on the strap that you feed the strap through on the ring that connects to the stalk and then another slit that the rest of the strap kind of lazily goes through at the ring connected to the pistol grip. Anyways, thanks for the help! Much appreciated!
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    I went through a few prototypes for my found parts build before deciding this was the method they used on the film prop.

    I'll upload a step by step of photos if this photo is still unclear, but basically this is what you do..

    1) Cut a slit in the center of the back end of the sling about 1 1/2" from the end of the sling
    2) Feed the full length of the sling through the back ring and through towards you, then pass this down through the slit and pull until taught. This will lock the end portion of the sling on
    3) Then for the front ring you make two small perpendicular "V" shaped cuts about 1/4" deep on each side of the front of the sling about 1 inch from the end of the sling
    4) Next make a slit in the center of the sling, but not long enough for the full width of the sling to fit through about 5" back from the end of the sling
    5). Pass the end through the front of the ring, and then fold your tabs over and pass through the small slit you cut, the tabs will then unfold and essentially "lock" itself on


    And its actually a pretty strong method too. I've slung the thing on my shoulder and it takes the full weight no problem.
    Another note about using this method. I highly recommend softening the leather sling beforehand using Neetsfoot Oil. Its what is used to soften real leather slings and straps and it will allow the sling to sit and move more fluidly like it does on screen as well as allowing you to get the rear knot a lot tighter. It also prevents any tearing or cracking that might otherwise occur on dry leather
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    Thanks Guys! This is very helpful!
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    How do you treat the sling? I am picturing pouring oil in a container and letting it soak for a period of time, but I am not exactly sure.

    I think I would benefit from a photo guide if you're willing to make one!
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    Thats what I did for the one pictured above. Soaked it in a container for about half a day, but Ive made two other shorter ones because I wasn’t completely happy with the length that Ive yet to treat, and will likely do in a few coats of oil on instead because thats the propper way to do it, but its obviously more time consuming.
    Theres really only two downsides to soaking it that Ive experieced. The first is that you get a lot of excess oil absorption that can take while to get out even if squeezing it with a towl after. I spent a few days and most of a roll of paper towls getting all the extra oil outa this one when I made it, hahaha. The other possible downside is that the oil does darken the color of the sling when applied and it can go too dark with too much oil absorption depending on the shade of dye used originally

    Sure thing! I’ll post up a picture guide this weekend
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    Awesome, thank you for the insight and the time. I will be ordering a sling with an ammo belt from Delta13Mike and would definitely make use of a guide down the road.
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    This is awesome info, I got my sling from Mainst69 a few weeks back and it was definitely very stiff like new leather is.

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