Ebay Seller Cyanide72, good armor?

Hey folks,

New to Star Wars prop stuff, and even newer to these boards. I've been browsing Ebay for the last couple of weeks, as well as researching Star Wars armor as much as time allows (it's summer, so that's quite a bit!) and think I'm interested in doing a Boba Fett costume.

One set of Ebay armor that's been floating around, whether it's just the good description, or maybe the picture of the armor provided, caught my attention. It lacks a few pieces, but I'm sure I could remedy that by using another source for the rest of the stuff. I DO know that this is un-painted, but I'd like to know if anyone here has dealt with this seller (or, as I've noticed it happens, IS in fact this seller!) and has any information for me.

Cyanide72 has been selling Boba Fett armor on Ebay for some time it seems, and I was just curious about his reputation.

He sells the four chest pieces, neck and shoulder armor, and the large back plate with a smaller one as well. Here's an image of what I've seen on some of his latest auctions.


Would his sets, for the price (about $75, I believe) be ideal for a starting Star Wars outfit and a noob painter's job? And most importantly, are they accurate enough, at least for what I'd be paying? And most importantly, does anyone have experience with him as a buyer? His feedback is good, but that's often not enough, it seems! Thanks for any comments or information!

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Yeah, I started editing before you posted. I was actually sifting through the rules as I was posting this the first time around. Is the edited post acceptable? It'd be hard to talk about his auctions at all, since he always seems to have them up, if I were to wait until "after they closed."


(EDIT: Also, waiting until after he'd sold all of his armor to ask about his armor's quality since I'm interested in making a purchase wouldn't do me much good... 'Eh?) ;)
My opinion. I would not buy it. Its innaccurate and if your into detail you will be buying another set soon. ITs also probubly oversized, and there is no way anyones back is shaped like that.
You will spend more in the long run with others armor's but you will be alot happier with a finished product.

I would say do your research and make your own. ITs not as hard as you think gear down and get to work, its cheaper and it will give you quick experience in the prop world with hands on stuff. If that isnt an option for you Contact bobamaker or ruffkintoys for some armor those guys will help you out.
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