E2K13's Weathered CA Boots


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Ok, well I decided to finally weather my pair of CA boots. I used a picture from the Fett Reference CD (Thanks Braks) to base my weathering from. The final product is far from perfectly screen acurate but I think they will work well once I make the toe spikes.
The colors I used were:
Polyscale: Rock Island Maroon, Steam Power Black and Undercoat Light Grey.
Now I did this all with the airbrush and be kind because it is only the 2nd thing I have ever airbrushed that was in 3 dimentions. The first was my shin tools.
I used the same technique someone else suggested here a while back about putting your hand inside the boot and crunching it in a forward step motion and then hitting it with the light grey so I get those wear creases on the fabric.
Let me know what you think.

The final picture is the reference photo I used to chose my colors.

Boba Ref Boots.jpg

CA Weathered 1.jpg

CA Weathered 2.jpg

CA Weathered 3.jpg
I like it ! You are doing a fantastic job ! Tell me more about your technique...you crunched it, then hit it with grey...was your base coat mostly red ?
Actually I started with the black misting from the lower areas upward making sure to get lighter as I went up. Then repeated with the Grey and my last coat was the Maroon. I hit the soles with the black and the maroon as I was doing each color but the grey wouldn't really show on the soles so I more used that to go for the crease weathering and to lighten up the black areas. When everything was all said and done, I took a fine grit sandpaper to the soles to blend in the color and tone it down a little.
Like I said the other night, they are looking fantastic. One suggestion and you can tell me to cram it down my pie hole if you'd like, is you may need a bit more weathering on the ribs. The screen used boots look a lot more worn around the toes especially.
Thanks M_S.
I think I will hit it with that light grey some more tonight. I also want to replicate the light grey streaks running down the center of the dark strip in the middle.
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