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I see this guy has some armor up again


Does'nt look bad for the price, not saying i'm buying it or thinking of buying it, but I just thought i'd ask if anyone here has bought from this guy and how the quality is?

His feedback is decent cept for some Vader shins he sold a few sells back.
Feedback from sells of this armor only were good comments, but were mostly from UK people, so seeing as TDH is world wide I thought i'd ask here. I'm always leary of people selling on ebay that I donot recognize from here or ones that constantly sell there but donot advertise here.
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His stuff seems pretty nice..
Check out this thread..

Thought i would also show you this from the Code of conduct.
Just a heads up. :)
Do not post or discuss live or pending auctions under any circumstances. Should you find an item coming up for bid that you think would be of interest to fellow members, save the images and related information until AFTER the auction has closed.Posting information and/or links to a live online auction (i.e. Ebay, Yahoo!, etc) is prohibited except when you are the seller in the auction. In this case you are advertising your auction to other potentially interested parties on at TDH.
Thanks for the heads up I totaly forgot about posting links to auctions so I
took it down.

Ya for the cost challenged or beginer Fett this stuff does'nt seem too bad, the guy can deffinatly paint nice also

Thanks for the link, Like I stated this was just an inquiry to see if anyone had purchaced from him, nice to see he's legit
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