For Sale DVH/7CS Fiberglass ROTJ left gauntlet top *taking orders*

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Since i didnt get any interest at all on the fiberglass gauntlet kits, i decided to shelve them till i get the vac table done. However i know some folks like to have the ROTJ left gauntlet top in fiberglass as it is believed that it was in fact fiberglass. I will be removing the cast in light because most that want the fiberglass top for accuracy sake, would probably want the real light as well. I am only offering the gauntlet top, not the flamer at this time.

I will have to take a mold off the master, so i will need 4 people to commit to one to make this happen.

Taking orders now! Price will be $75 plus shipping. Just send the $75 for the part, i will collect shipping once they are ready to ship.


This is for the ROTJ left gauntlet top only. no greeblies or other parts.

Turn around will be 3-4 weeks since i have to make the mold as well :)

1 Mugatu
2 SUTT4869
3 Emperor Fett
4 Darren Stocks
5 Branden Louis Owens




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Ok it looks like i have 4 people interested between here and in my Facebook group.

So i will change this thread to a sale thread!

I listed who was interested in the first post and will update it with paypal info
Lucksy31 - ESB Shoulder Decal