After much work, I am almost finished painting my posterboard with the paints from AFFO$'s paint list, but I noticed that it seems to be much too shiny. I bought some matte finish but when I tested it on a painted piece of scrap, it seems to make it more shiny than it already is. Is there a specific brand or type of paint that anyone knows that I could look for? Heres a picture so you can see how see its excessive shiny-ness.
Photo 157.jpg
Get Testor's Dullcote. It won't leave any shine whatsoever. I've found that the matte finish spray by krylon and rustoleum tend to leave a little shine even though they are supposed to eliminate it. You can find the Testors Dullcote at most Hobby Stores in their spray paint section.

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All webcams do that. It's just to create a mirror efect with you, so you can coordinate better when moving yourself and watching you in the webcam
It's just been re-packaged as "Model Master Lacquer Overcoat" in "Lusterless (Flat)". It still comes in the 3 oz. spray can.
Look for a silver label with some little green stripes around it.
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