DP Deluxe Boba Helmet for sale- need advice!


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I know a person who has a DP Deluxe Boba Fett ESB for sale for $300. Is that a good price and are there any questions I should ask before buying? All advice would be greatly appreciated as I would need to act on this soon. Like today probably or possibly tomorrow.(y) or (n) ???
The DP Deluxe is not really valueable for it's accuracy but more for it's collectablity. If it really is a DP Deluxe than $300 is a good price. I would inspect it for cracks in the shell tears in the fabric liner inside and any scratches, scuffs or cracks in the visor. Also check for the brass plate on the inside of the helmet near the rim that states it's a DP Deluxe Boba Fett helmet and it's edition number. If you can't get your hands on it than have the seller send as many big pics as possible. If I were you I'd then post them here so all the experts can get a look.

Ask if it is repainted or not, if it is it loses some of its collectablity. If you want this for your costume you are probally better off spending the same amount on a better helmet like the Bobamaker helmet or one of Marrows.
Thanks guys, no it's not repainted. It's in like brand new condition and has all the decorative accessories on the inside. And it would be just for collecting not for trooping at all. Anyone know what these are currently valued at? Thanks for the info so far, really helpful since I don't know anything about DP Deluxes. I'll try to get some detailed pics.
Thanks, Cruzer
If your sure it's "real" that's a good deal IMO. Especialy if you can get Jeremy Bulloch to sign it one of these days, it could become quite valuable in the future.
Thanks pennywise. Would the way that I make sure it's real(without posting pics for you guys to see since I dont' have any at the time) be to look for the id plaque? I'll see if he can snap a shot of it and email it to me.

On the same note, he also has a DP Deluxe Stormtrooper helmet he's looking to get rid of for the same price?
Thanks again, Cruzer
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Thanks Pennywise and BFS1, all advice is much appreciated. I think what I liked most about the helmet was the decorative interior details.

Yeah and that's what attracted me because it would end up being my son's main Christmas present and he would think that was the coolest thing ever. Although daddy would like it just as much ;) . But he gets to keep all the collectibles in his room. The wife wouldn't stand for them being up in the master bedroom.:lol:

Never mind. It was a freak'n Riddle mini helmet.:lol: Thanks anyways guys for replying. Guess I'm going to have to get him a JD kid sized helmet and deck it out with gizmos myself.;)

Believe it or not, the DP deluxe does have some real origins. It's been modified and remolded (poorly molded), so it's not much of its former self.

The inside is lined with black padding and the edition plaque. There are no fancy gizmos on the inside.
Turns out he does have a DP Deluxe, but in my ignorance about DP Boba Deluxes I thought it came with all the gizmos inside, but that was a pic of the Riddle mini I was looking at. Here are some pics he sent me of the DP Deluxe.

What would be a good price to score this helmet for. I'll ask him if it's untouched and in what condition.





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That doesn't look like a factory paint job. I have seen about three different paint versions, including the DP statue, and that looks custom painted.

The DP deluxes retailed for over $800.00.
Thanks Tylerdurden, what kind of value would you place on this one if it still has its plaque of authenticity inside to prove it's a DP Deluxe? I've requested photos of the plaque and will post it as soon as I receive it.

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