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I am hoping most of you are familiar with the DP 95 and can help out. When I removed the factory visor, I did not sand down the inside of the bucket where the mandibles are and I am wondering if I should have done this. Would sanding the excess off make a visor fit better? Am I making any sense?

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I have not sanded my mandibles down either, however I think it is a good idea to do so. I have "the best Boba Fett t-visor prop on ebay" which is said to fit perfectly into the DP95. I just now tried to fit it in, and it snapped under the pressure. I think the curvature of the visor would have fit a lot better if the mandables were sanded down.


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Yeah, I have the "best visor on eBay", but for the life of me, no adhesive I've tried works. My visor is starting to become ugly. Suggestions on glues/ epoxies? I'm on a DP '97.
A lot of people use 2 part epoxy putty. JB Weld I heard is a good brand, you can find in the automotive section at a hardwared store.
I havnt glued any visors yet, but for all my armor needs (and many others) I use plumbers goop. You can find it at walmart for a few bucks. Its awesome. Ive used it on my TK armor and everything I put it on has held great (glued longer than a year ago). Ive also repaired shoes, books, and other various things with it. It holds fantasticly but if you absolutly have to get it off, it can be ripped off with some effort. I would sugest that. I fully intend to use it for my visor when it comes in.

-Tony Vida; TK 3204; Austin, Tx
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