DP '95 ESB Paint Job Finished (Finally!)


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Well, I finally finished my DP '95 ESB Paint Job. Ironically, I have already upgraded to one of BKBT's Jango buckets (can't wait for it to arrive!) which I am going to convert to a Boba. Anyway, I've made a few modifications to the helmet: new scratchbuilt RF earcap, scratchbuilt RF stalk, replaced visor...blah, blah, blah...you know...the usual stuff. Anyway, hope you like the pics...







You've put a different RF stalk on it too.

I just got my upgrade bucket from AFettFullofDollars a week ago.. it's gorgeous!

Here's a pic of it. Ignore the oddities in the background :p

Oh and the bendy RF stalk... I discovered the wonders of hot car!

Dude got skills.jpg
They look great, Im glad AFettFullofDollars is doing mine!!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!
Paul you dont know how much I aprecheat you hooking me up!!! I own you a few!
This is one work of art give your self a pat in the back man. This is one me as well as others are proud to see what ya have accompished. Marvoulous good work man.
Holy jeez...man both buckets look great! The attention to detail on the first is flawless...I really do wish I had skills and patience to do what you all do around here! One of these days I'll get around to posting pics of my helmet...that way you all can comment as well.

Again nice helmets!
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