Dose this armour chest Look right?


hmmm looks like very familiar armour tbh ROTJ style by the paint job.

is it a local UK BH's? if so - ask him for origins etc. Must say, it does look about right though.

As for size - well u cant really make any judgement based on that pic as there is really no point of reference or measuring tape included in it.

I think one of the reasons cited for not letting newly registered members only post in certain sections was to give em time to get used to the opportunity to get used to the community, and also to read up the many usseful posts there are on here mate. so dont feel too hard done - u'll get there soon. Feel free to pm me once that option is activated too mate,

BM is a good choice for a lid, but dont rush into this (like I did when I 1st started lol - it always happens and is natural). I once spent 2 days just looking through every thread in the prop makers section. And it was abt 2-3 weeks before I even posted anything (I learnt that the hard way when posting on FISD). TDH wiki is also such a brilliant idea!

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Heatshock its from a guy in the UK yes, I will talk to him about it, thats the best thing to do like you said. I agree with the time that new members have to wait, I just cant wait for the 14 days to be up. I have hunderds of questions, many of which have been answerd by reading some of the many post on TDH. Oh and i have spent nothing but the last 3 days reading and looking at threads here. This site is the best thing sence sliced bread! Much love for the Dent :)


rofl longest 14 days of ur life huh

like I said mate - feel free to pm when u can ;P I am new to fett too, but have done leg work on other armoured imperials if u need info

It's hard to tell from eyeball alone without any reference or context, but I'd say it looks a little....vertically stretched?

The chest diamond is the closest I can get to a point of reference. And that definitely looks a little off based on the size of the silver in the middle. It almost looks as if someone took a photo of a pretty correct set of armor, then stretched it vertically and made it thinner/taller.

And the decal on the shoulder is defintely out of proportion.

Here are some photos to compare to. The first is the first set of Sintra armor I made based on WOF templates for a 5'11" to 6'0" person, and the second is a set of FPv3. Both are pretty similar in size and curvature. You can start by comparing the diamonds and shoulders to the set you lined to in order to get a sense of the difference....



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You make the call.... :)

Good luck!
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Yes i beliave you are right, I was thinking on the same lines with it being a bit stretched. I did not how ever notice the decal on the shoulder. Well done you for spotting that :)
It looks good to me too, it does looks streched, but it seems to be the picture, not the items.

I am on the process of getting my armor soon. Maulfett has one and I will see it this Sunday. Hopefully I'll have that part of my Fett ready soon. It is good to look around a lot before you actually invest any money on this.


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I agree with Madmartigan...that shoulder decal looks HUGE! Not sure if it's a camera thing or a armor thing. I'd prolly ask for better pics.

And not to say that Scott's decals are the gospel, but the shoulder decal on the linked armor is too high, too big, the background extends too far (part of the mythosaur's red horns should extend beyond it), and the poor beastie's beard is too short. :(

Maybe I"m nitpicking though....

On the linked picture? Maybe it's just me, but that thing has its own zip code! :wacko


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yeah, i find that also based on the size of the person wearing it and the vest, it tends to look a little disjointed, or shall i say spaced apart? i'm trying to get mine down to the movie accurate size. they came a LITTLE large.