Don't call it a comeback... ;-)


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Hopefully I'll be debuting my V2 Open Seasons Jango at CIV in less than a week(y). Just need to finish off some leather work (the girth and holters are stand-ins), install some well-placed snaps here and there, and dial in everything. Except for the red parts, all the armor was finished with a super-secret:lol: custom mixture of 4 different colors of R&B...seriously!

Thanks goes out to BKBT for the helmet, thigh and boot armor, slavefive for the upper body armor (BKBT) and ammo belt (Seeker), Seeker for the knees and cod, Dark-Side for the aluminum parts, dfett for the gauntlets (MOW's), CaptJono for the vest, Goldenrod for the boots (Reinone's), MLC for the jp, and last but absolutely not the least, Jango_Newbie for letting me borrow his MR Jango blasters (expect for Sunday when he'll be there to troop with us(y), then I'll be using blacked-out resin copies).(y)

About 2 months ago I made the decision to begin putting this together after my son said he wanted to troop together at CIV, and with the other Mandos from TDH. I couldn't say no, so I'm very glad it's all coming together. I've included a couple pics of his gear too.

If you see us at CIV, definitely say "HI!!!":cheers





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I have no words to express how much I hate you...!!! my tiny beauty girl ... ;) lol...

You have made in 2 months what I wouldn't think I could do in 2 years... !!! I have no words mate... REally really amazing, you are a beast, and I'm more than sure that your son is and will be proud of you FOREVER... (I'm proud as well ;)...

Great work mate... really really great work... you are a real example to follow ;)

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Yeah man!!! SWEET!! See ya there, I need a place to change. Looking forward to getting away for a day, Click it or Ticket is driving me crazy:wacko :wacko I'm sick of it already.


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Thanks for all the positive comments guys. I was hoping it'd be of a quality that'd be good enough to troop side by side with all of you. I look forward to it!(y)

firstsonofsolo, WOW!! that is awesome. I really appreciate it bro, but I'd hate for anything to happen to them. If my resin copies turn out looking half as good as I think, I may sport them the whole time. I'm sort of excited about sporting another color of Westars since my suit is kinda a one-off. I know they won't look as fancy and shiny as the MRs, but I don't mind. But I do appreciate the offer! ;) Oh, also, if you didn't already adjust those holster straps, let me know and I can bring my tools to do that and we can meet up.(y)

With this version, I tried to make it more in-line with the Open Seasons suit by streamlining the gauntlets with removing the flamethrower and ripcord units, going with an all black rocket that has a slight blue hint to it, and darkening up the armor to a charcoal grey that had a little hint of blue to it. I achieved the charcoal/bluish R&B finish by mixing Pewter, Pearl Blue, Sapphire, and Ebony together. The Ebony didn't mix well with the other metalized colors, so it caused the mixture to "goop" and not smooth out. But I think it adds to the weathering so I didn't worry about it, and since it looks so close to blued steel, I gave it a hint of some rust looking weathering here and there.

Thanks guys,


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Dude seriously if you could help me out with that especially since I cant find the type of snaps you used. I replaced the leather belt with a parachute belt and clips and well.....lets say my leather rig is rigged.......LOL But seriously dude I trust you just LMK.



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Just a quick thing I noticed from your ealier open seasons, and I didnt see here, is on your jet pack. I remember seeing like pointed cones atop the fuel canisters, am I correct?

Besides that man, your kicking some serious rear ends!!!!



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Thanks Tubachris. Luckily I hadn't thrown them out from the last jp, so they're installed now.(y) Good eye.

I hope to do my first test fit tonight. If so, I'll post some pics.


Active Hunter will you at least wear this one for a few minutes this Con :lol:

...See you there...have a safe trip down (y)

...just look for the drunk Belligerent IC crew :cheers ...LOL!!!!