Don Post deluxe helmet


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Hi guys, first time poster here, and plan to stay a while (y)

I purchased the deluxe helmet in 1997. A few questions for you full costume people:

1) Have you figured out a way to breathe better without the lens fogging up

2) Have you replaced the lense in order to improve visibility?

3) What's the best way to make the helmet more secure? It's either very large or I have a small head and it isn't very sturdy. Lots of jigglin goin on...

More later! Trying to build the rest of my suit, just got some armor recently...

Thanks guys!


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#1. helmet fans help & try to exhale downward
#2. the last answer sorta answerd this one. no i have not.
#3. a hard hat liner really helps because you can change its size


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I'm not familiar with visor replacement for that helmet, but as far as fitting goes there are a few options

1. just basic foam inserts, like the kind of stuff you find inside sporting helmets, cycling helmets, etc.

2. you can get on of those systems they have in hard hats etc. that sits around the frame of your head and install that into the helmet so it will just rest on your head instead of jiggling around your head.

3. (probably the most expensive) Marrow Sun i believe offers sculpted inserts that can be painted and weathered and are like, memory foam pieces ( i dunno what they are made out of) but they can be squished or pushed and will fit neatly on your head and when you take it off and such they will retain their original shape. again they can be painted and there are several threads that have pictures. just do a search for marrow sun or helmet interior and you'll see what i'm talking about. very nice stuff if you want to spend the money and have a very impressive helmet interior