Does resin respond to heat manipulation?


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Since I'm new at working on Fett helmets, I don't quite have the same eye as everyone. But I'm starting to find that my sanding, detailing, etc. would have been a LOT easier if I didn't remove the "T" visor area the first thing. The reason is that with that removed, the manibles / cheek plates are floppy so you have to be very careful doing certain sanding and filing.

But one thing I've noticed recently on my SgtFang is that the cheek plates don't quite line up. I do believe that later if I put a lens in there and then anchor it with screws, I can define the shape and anchor the plates flat.

It seems that (as I'm looking at it) the right cheek is tilting outward a bit more than the one on the left.

Does anyone know if I use a heat gun to manipulate resin?


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Fiberglass is easier to do this to but you can do it a tiny bit to resin but be careful. The real helmets mandibles were not perfectly strait either but some folks just prefer them that way. I would try heating it a little bit but if that dosnt work just use the visor to hold it in the position you want.