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Greetings from a poster on the Zam side of things! *waves* ;)

I was helping my Dad clean out a boat he bought a few years ago today and i went in one of the cargo boxes and found the anchor and some other ramdom bits and a buckle with US Divers CO written on it.:eek: Now i recognised the name off here and knew it was possibly for a fett if it was the correct one. From a few pics it seems its the correct buckle i was gonna offer it up to my Garrison Guys but i cant really find what its worth?

Id give it to them as i suppose i got it for free but i need to pay for my leather dyes for Zam somehow LOL!! :lol: Anyone have any average price for it?
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They go from anywhere $50.00 to $100.00 dollars but that is of course provided the condition it's in (Strap included and such). (you could hold out til Halloween and strike it rich, say $100.00 to $150.00). If it's just the buckle and it's rusty or damaged the most you can hope to get it for is $25.00 to $35.00 maybe you could squeeze $40.00 out of it. but again provide the condition it's in. C
I sold a really nice one with the strap included for $50 about 6 months ago. I think I probably could have got more for it, and am kicking myself for letting it go.
I have one and just from a utility standpoint I wont troop with out it. There was a mishap with my jet pack at All Con and I thankfully was wearing it and rather then the entire jet pack breaking, only the homing beacon broke. If your using the origonal webbing that it came with then that sucker aint going anywhere!
Thanx for all of the help guys!! My leather dyes come to $80 but even if it just helps pay for a little bit of it - it all helps right!!!!

The buckle is fixed onto a nylon webbing belt that i presume used to be white/cream? Belt has a few rust stains on but not off the buckle, thats in top condition. The piece that seperates up the strapping in two so it doesnt come apart (this is seperate and behind the buckle) has a little corrosion on it and another large triangle metal piece is fine with no corrosion.

Not sure if the belt piece is original or anything id take a photo but i left my camera at work hehe!!
Your best bet to get the best price but not price gouge is to allow a forum auction where folks PM you there top bid. highest by a certain time get it.
I had 3 last summer
Ebay steals actually
I resold 2 here on the forum, I'd suggest watching & waiting here.
I wish that I could find an online supplier.
Interesting Evan thanx - how do i go about doing a forum auction tho? Everyone PM's me with a price? Do i reply to ppl as it goes along or just wait till the end and see which is top? What if 2 ppl or more have the same offer? hehe
Bee, you slap up a normal 'for sale' post it in the cargo hold. People PM you and then you update your first post with the new max bid. Other interested folk then outbid them or get upset. (It's how I got all your Zam stuff)

Not sure how you decide on when it closes/ how long you run it though. Guess that's up to you

As for 2 people having the same bid, you're entering a crazy world there. Can't help you
Well i guess that would be easy if the amount i wanted to sell it for wasnt "the most someone wants to pay for it!" haha :lol:

Its just my boyfriend has paid thousands of dollars so far for my Zam costume, when he askes if ive got anything more for it i have to say "i dont have any money" then he goes and buys it. :facepalm Now most of you might think cool but i actually feel bad and want to buy some things myself.:eek:

This belt find is a little opertunity for me to maybe afford something towards this project myself, but whatever it goes for is better than the nothing i had before haha!

Heres some pics of the said belt (hey it might not be the right one even after all this LOL)


Open buckle and belt

Corrosion on Rectangular piece (none on the Triangular bit or the buckle)
no no no...thats all wrong!! but, i'll buy it for $10;)

hope you get something good for your troubles!

....on a differnt note is the buckle seen on the ESB fett as well?
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