Discount for Dented Helmet members?


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I,ve just started an internet business selling Star Wars and other SCI-FI collectables..Master Replicas, Gentle Giant, Kotobukiya etc and wondered wether i am allowed to offer items on The Dented Helmet? I would hope to be able to offer you guys/gals some discount (help me out here..i can't give it away!!) but would probably only look to post out to U.K and maybe Europe. Oh! and the name of the store "Bounty Hunters UK" of course!


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Thanks for the interest...we can get lots more than is showing on the site....if you want something just send an e-mail using the attached form from the site and i will let you know price and delivery costs. We can get everything(ish) from Master Replicas..Gentle Giant..Kotobukiya..Dr Who..Harry Potter...great cookie jars..Batman..Spiderman...

Site is

Thanks again...

P.S Let me know that you are a T.D.H member on the e-mail and i will do the best deal i can. (y)
You can offer a discount to TDH members. There is nothing that says can or can't. Nice web site.
When I read the URL I thought it said "Bounty Hunter Suk".:eek:
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