Din Djarin Black edition turned into this…


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Purchased a Black edition and just decided it was missing something.
I used the leather from some leather couches from a dumpster and the armor I printed from Great Ape studio art. I am 7 year old trapped in a 52 year old body. I got the Inspiration from Dented Helmet forums. Love you all! I know its not screen accurate but it’s still a WIP. This project has been so much fun. Can’t wait to do Beskar next. This is the way.


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Nice job, now you just need to dust him up a bit! Looks like you scaled up the shoulders and thigh plates? It looks proportional to me.
Thank you. Yes I did scale the thigh plates I'm a 6' 200# and the 100% looked too small. I do need to dust him up for sure. What would you suggest to use?