Digital Jango


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Hi, Im Airflow.
Im currently building a digital Jango Fett in a programme called 3dsmax9.
Im half done, but need some really good referances, this place is great but real huge for a newbie.
Here is my current progress.





If anybody can help with very large, detailed reference images of his gauntlets, vest, upper body armour, Kamino jet pack, Helmet and Tracking device, It would be greatly appreaciated.
And btw, Ive seen some really nice stuff on here.... You guys are talented.


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A couple of quick observations: the holsters are way too large and the closure for the braided girth belt in the back is wrong.


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Thanks guys.
The scene is around 900,000 polys, without the hands..
That will prolly end up at 2-3 mill polys when Im done.
Foxbatkllr, what should the cosure look like,?


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Looking good so far. Here are my templates that might be of help.

Jango Armor Templates]

Jango Gauntlet blueprints

Jet Pack templates

Boba Helmet Templates

These should help you out for some of the details.


P.S. Just a note - your current holsters look too big. Check out threads started by Cruzer he has done the definitive Jango holster rig and he has posted some great pics.
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Finnaly, finished... I ran out of time or else the gauntlets would have been hosed up and properly detailed... Flames and rain are pretty rushed, but thank you all for the help, it was invaluable...
Ill let you know if I win :)



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Wow!! That looks great! The poly count sounds pretty good too, I use 3Ds MAX 7, which version do you run? You're doing a fantastic job :) Keep it up!