Did fp ever produce the ROTJ WPK unveiled??

Man, sorry for not loitering more @ TDH now that my suit's been finished a while!

I went the ESB helmet, ROTJ suit way, but now feel it's really time to get the ROTJ bucket & have a fully matched suit (even though I remember seeing way back a thread re the ESb suit possibly being worn in a small clip on the barge)...

So, like the thread title says, did fp ever produce the ROTJ that WPK unveiled here: http://forums.thedentedhelmet.com/showthread.php?t=4382&highlight=rotj ?????????????

Man, I still think my MSH2 is tops, so an ROTJ would be fantastic!

What is the deal with Fettpride? He produced the best Fett stuff I've ever seen but I have heard very little out of him lately. :(
My helmet is the MSH2 and I think its the best you can buy hands down. Its amazing work! Clean as a whistle and perfect... no need for any other sculpts... no offense to all the other great work out there but I've seen several other kinds in person and the MSH2 is the BEST!
I've had many go across my bench and if you are looking for accuracy you can't go wrong with the Mystery(Fiberglassed not resin) or Marrow sun in no particular order. These both share origins that are close to the original which I have been able to compare to the casting. No offense to any of the scratch builders at all they do wonderful work just making an honest observation.

In case your not an RPF member....

This is not a LFL ROTS pic BTW..

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Last I heard Fettpride had become "disenchanted" with Fett since the helmets are now "a dime a dozen." He has moved on to other characters where there is virtually no competition and great demand.

I have been told that the RotJ project is "pretty much all wrapped up" but whether we will ever see them made available to the public is anyone's guess. I am particularly disappointed by this but who knows... maybe one day... :facepalm
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