Did anyone notice this?

Shinobi Fett

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Hey all,

has anyone else notice this? In this image
which is a cut still from ESB, Fetts knee pads are on upside down and his left gauntlet is comng apart. Just an observation.

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Boba Swede

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Pavespawn said:
Hmmm... maybe the knee pads are upside down in all the other pics and this is the correct way to wear them... j/k;)

Hmm.. well considering the knee plate on TK armor the idea is not that far fetched...

I can certinly understand the poor dressor helping all these people putting on TK armor and then this guy (jeremy) come along and wants help too... it probably seemed the like the most logical thing at the time..


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Hey I was thinking the same thing too. Then I watched ESB and noticed that they are the correct way on the movie costume. I couldn't find them upside down at all in the film. It was probably just a PR shot that the people in charge over looked that aspect.


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I think Boba was heavily hanging out the night before. That also explains his throaty voice when he's talking to vader. I supposed he was so wasted that he put the knee pads upside down and forgot to close properly one of the gauntlets. I mean, that sometimes happens even to the best, especially concerning the fact he knew he'll get Solo I think he threw a nasty party. :cheers

Mike M.

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attack of the living thread... dun dun dahhhhhhh!!!!!! sept '05 to april '08. but yeah, i've seen that picture too, it looks weird.