Determining what exactly my helmet is...


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I got a BF helmet off ebay, it had a plastic label glued or something to the inside of the helmet. It reads:


The RF stalk is all black, its only slightly stronger then latex, it holds shape about as well as a under cooked noodle.

I was under the impression that DP made the helmets in 95... This seems like a lot worse quality then I've ever seen from his studios (I worked in a costume shop during 95 and 96 halloween and never bought a BF helmet really kicking myself now).

Also does anyone think its worth trying to streghten the helmet to hold shape or should I introduce it to my garbage can?
I thought the early Rubies had the black stalk. In any case, the DP 95's should have a Don Post stamp pressed into the outside rear of the helmet. I have never heard of a DP helmet having a black RF stalk. Sounds bogus.
Sounds like you got one of the rubies latex masks AKA a pos. I would have to say you should introduce it to your garbage can. But having never actaully seen one of these in real life, I can't be sure.
I don't think I'd throw it away. I don't know what you paid for it, but your throwing away money spent.
if nothing else, I'd keep it and practice my painting technique on it. That way, if you don't like the results, your not stripping your Good helmet to repaint. Just paint over it and try again. My first helmet was a cheap Don Post and I knew I wouldn't use it with my Uniform. I used it to practic. I still have it as a displey piece.
Don't throw it away.
I don't know what it looks like, but maybe you could paint it and resell it on ebay.
Just my thoughts. :)
Robert E.
I just looked at you post on the Really really bad helmet thread, and if the picture taken in a garage is your helmet, it's not that bad. My DP was a little warped, but I got it warm(placed it in the sun and re-shaped it. I also heated up the top with a heat gun and used a small block of wood to reshape it. Then ran it under cold water in the kitchen sink. worked pretty good, but be careful if you do this. The Helmet material gets pretty hot.
Robert E.
Yeah, I have heard about these. They sell them on ebay pretending they are DP 95s which they really are not. They are Rubies disguised as DP95 and altered to make more money.
actually I bought one of these from ebay a while back for a custom and it was so crappy I trashed it. It was a softer thinner vinal. Even worse than the Rubies in both shape and size. It was a cheap chinese knock off.

the pic in the garage is what mine is SUPPOSED to be. The 2nd pic fits more of what it actually looks like. I've already tried heating it up and reforming it... but i can reform it without heating it up and it goes back to the squished look.

Before I bought it i asked like 7 people selling if they were don post '95s the one i got it from i realized i didn't ask... my mistake, but it did come with a cracked visor, so hoping that either the USPS (had insurance) or the seller will refund for this. I pait 40 bucks total with shipping and insurance.
Don Post helmets were NOT made in China. I'd report this to eBay as a counterfeit item. As Tyler already noted, Don Post STAMPED their helmets on the outside. There are no DP stickers, except for the counterfeit one you have.
I sent an email to the guy i bought it from.

Curious if you have original packaging for this mask after doing some research
on it, it appears to be a counterfit item. In 1995 Don Post had the rights to
make Boba Fett Helmets, this is marked 1995 and made in china. This is far
from quality don post studios would ever put out, plus all of his helmets have
copyright info stamped into the back of the helmet, not a rubber label glued
into the inside of the helmet.

Quoting ebay_seller <XXXXXXXX@XXXXX.XXX:angry

> As for its flatness, I made sure to mention in the
> description that the item wasn't composed of hard
> plastic; the mask will do that if it's been sitting on
> its side, but will easily regain its shape.

You also made sure to mention that it held its shape well, which it does not.
I spent most of last night trying to reshape it and each time i did it returned
to its "sat on" state.
I would follow Fettish's great advice. That is clearly a counterfeit item, and it seems that when confronted with the issue of the Don Post copyright stamp, the seller completely avoided the question.

I would definitely report the helmet to Ebay as being a counterfeit/fraudulent item.

tylerdurden wrote:

I would follow Fettish's great advice. That is clearly a counterfeit item, and it seems that when confronted with the issue of the Don Post copyright stamp, the seller completely avoided the question.

I would definitely report the helmet to Ebay as being a counterfeit/fraudulent item.

The seller didn't advertise as a "don post" just a fett helmet/mask. would ebay do anything that it is a counterfit item then?

Here is the auction. I don't want to go start a witch hunt about this if its just a woman with a carrot on her nose. Yeah I want my money back because he said "it holds shape" which it does not. But i also don't want to get an honest ebayer in sh*t for my over reaction.

Thank you all for all your advice thus far.
Here is the helmet in question.

In this picture, it doesn't look too bad, but it's obvious from the edges of the visor that it isn't a DP helmet. If you asked them if it was a DP helmet and they said it was a DP helmet and it ended up not being a DP helmet, I would want my money back. Just politely inform them that whomever placed the faux DP label in it misrepresented its origin and is not what you wanted. They can either refund it or be turned into eBay for selling a counterfeit item in which case eBay will suspend their account.

::Edit:: Oh, you could always keep it.
He never said it was a DP. He was like the only seller I DIDN'T ask if it was.

Thus far the seller hasn't replied to my 2nd email, I think I'm just going to take the thing into the post office and see what i can do about an insurance claim (the visor came cracked and the seller said he 'doesn't think it was like that' when it was in his possesion). The box it came in is in pristine condition and it was obvious as soon as I set eyes on the box that it was far too small for a real boba fett helmet.
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