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Hi Guys

i have put a deposit on a complete ROTJ Boba Fett commission, does anyone on here have the full commission ? and if you do what is your feedback on it.



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Lol worth it's a really cool place full of stormtroopers , biker scouts and Fett stuff


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Hi there! I didnt ordered a full commision but I did ordered the unpainted armour, painted ROTJ helmet and painted ROTJ jetpack.

They had the armour finished as I ordered it, so it arrived my home in 2 weeks time or so.

The helmet and jetpack were more troublesome. I ordered them both in august and they told me I wiould be receiving them on Christmas. I actually received both in March. Quality is pretty great imo and I'm happy I chose them, but the communication wasnt great along the process and it took them a little bit too much.

Hope it helped



I'm looking at either a Propmasters helmet or an FPH2 from Wasted Fett. The Propmasters one looks quite "generic" though.


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I know this is an old thread, but I put down a deposit for a commission from RS Props back in September and they tell me the lead time is 45 weeks. I am hoping for shorter, and check in with them periodically. Just curious to see if anyone was happy with the results once you received yours? If it met specifications from the dimensions you had provided to RS, or if you had to tweak it once you received it. Also does anyone know a good place to find the light sets that would go under the armor? I found a place called Fettronics that sells something to that effect, but am wondering if there is a recommended place to get that as I presume RS is not providing that.


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Holy Jesus Christ. Check out my sale thread if you want to see how it looks. I’m actually selling a full set of armor from them at a STEEP discount boss. TrooperGonzo

Feel free to PM or text me if you have anymore questions. I recently upgraded from my full RS props suit to bobamaker so I can answer all wuestions.