Dented Supertrooper Helmet paint up..

I got a helmet casting from Uhbif a few months back, and finally decided to do a supertrooper paintup. This helmet is really well made, and the only thing I want to replace is the visor. I chromed the ear pieces with molotow liquid chrome, and clear coated with “Klear Kote” from Alclad which worked very well.

I sprayed the helmet with a white primer, and followed up with two coats of white spray paint from rustoleum. I am asking for input on others color schemes for these helmets. I like the look of all metal right ear parts, and a white left ear, but want to see what others think.


Damn son those ears looks exactly like metal! I didn’t notice until you actually said you painted them. They look real nice, and I actually prefer the metal ears with white helmet combo than the all white ears.