Custom Mandalorian " DEFENDER" Another Mandalorian Build from Boba Fett Beginnings

Discussion in 'Expanded Universe Bounty Hunters' started by tommyboy, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. tommyboy

    tommyboy Jr Member

    Here is my latest mando helmet design called "DEFENDER" based from my Boba Fett platform IMG_1993.jpg IMG_1994.jpg IMG_1995.JPG IMG_1999.jpg IMG_2003.jpg IMG_2007.jpg
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  2. TK50175

    TK50175 Member

    I love it! One of the coolest Mando helmets I have seen...

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  3. Mullreel

    Mullreel Well-Known Member

    I am often not a fan of the modified mando helmets, but this keeps enough of the original/concept designs in it for me to like it. Good job.
  4. tommyboy

    tommyboy Jr Member

    Thanks Mullreel....I feel keeping some of boba fetts features is the only way to go!
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    thanks ! I like the concept/design process of creating new designs !
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  5. Fett 4 Real

    Fett 4 Real Community Staff

    I cant decide if its a helmet or a ship....not digging the greeblies. They look too much like ship parts. Probably because they are? Cool Idea.
  6. tommyboy

    tommyboy Jr Member

    Yeah I thinks its cool! greeblies are meant to be on the mechanical side.
  7. jonbenm

    jonbenm Member

    It looks awesome man the greeblies are neat looking I want to paint one of these up!!!

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  8. tommyboy

    tommyboy Jr Member

    Here is a version of my Defender with "T" visor cut.




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