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Darth Voorhees - Jetpack Kit


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As some of you may be aware I have been supplying different parts of the star wars community with decals for some time now as well Boba Fett items.
I have been working on revised shoulder and chest badges for some time and I am finally at a point where I am happy with the finished pieces.

ESB Shoulder

ESB Shoulder.jpg

ESB Chest

ESB Chest.jpg


ROTJ Shoulder (1).jpg

ROTJ Chest

ROTJ Chest.jpg

ESB can be supplied as vinyl decals or for those who want to be screen accurate paint stencils, in either damaged or undamaged option
£4.50 each or both for £8
Please let me know which shoulder Decal you would like.
ESB Set.jpg

ESB Damaged.jpg

ESB Stencils £4.50 - Buy both for £8

ESB Shoulder mask.jpg

ESB Chest Stencil £4.50

ESB Chest Decal.jpg


ROTJ Set.jpg

ROTJ Stencil - Although not screen accurate I thought I would offer this as an Option - £4.50 - Buy both ROTJ stencils for £8

ROTJ Shoulder mask.jpg

ROTJ Chest Stencil £4.50 - Buy Both for £8

Chest Decal Mask.jpg

Shin Tool mask and Decal set £7
Shin tool Decal and mask.jpg

ESB Jetpack Decal Stencils - £6

ESB Jetpack Masks.jpg

ESB Jetpack Decals £6

Jetpack Vinyl Decal.jpg

ESB Ear cap stencils/masks with dry transfer rub down decals
- £20

ESB Ear masks and Letraset.jpg

Free UK and European postage add £1 for US.

Please PM me if you have any questions or require a custom order - Kit Box Decals /Other Star Wars decals.
Lucksy31 - ESB Shoulder Decal