Death Watch Deathwatch armor...


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OK, so I was watching a rerun of the clone wars when I saw the death watch armor. I then thought " I've go t to have that armor." I am a noob with armor and I am try to build the armor. here is a sketch from Here is also a rotation of the armor




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When I first saw the armor in the cartoon it looked a lot like Jango's costume except for what look like leg pouches on the thigh armor not sure if thats fabric or armor, and the thighs are shaped diffrently on the front, other than that it's mainly the paint that's the diffrence.


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I think I'm gonna use the rotation. if any of the pros on this site(which I know there are many) can give tips or things like that it would be appreciated.

Ordo Skirata

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Do yuou live in Germany? Your Avatar is the Mando Mercs Jai'galaar crest. As an extended member of that group don't think the designer would like someone else using their design


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Yes, I know, I made the choice that I won't use the rotation and instead use this. I want to use everything but the cape. I have an update to the armor but I can't get it on yet. I'll post when I have it.

P.S: I'm wearing it.



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there are a few threads here, my own included, on building an animated style mandalorian. have fun with it. the armor should look really cool when it's all together!


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MandoPaint, you didn't answer Ordo's question.
And as second-in-command of the clan in question, I'll translate it into simpler language:
Where in Sam Hell did you get our crest?
Remove it.

Corr Ordo

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I like to think of myself as another extended member of the Jai'galaar Clan (maybe I'm just flattering myself), but that logo was specifically designed for their clan. If it were the Talon Clan emblem, the point would still remain unless you lived in NC/SC.

So please, out of respect to the creator, don't use the crest.


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As the creator of the design and leader of Jai'galaar Clan I thank you for your adjustment. I'm aware that we are all playing in Lucas' sandbox and a lot of it is accepted for the overall fun, but it also means that everybody has to respond on requests on first notice and not wait for the big hassle to come down the line.


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Does anyone have a list of what each deathwatch rank represents? I have them as digital files but wanted to label them for the correct rank.