Daughters Rig

I completed my daughters Boba about five minuts befor we went out tonight. Now there is no pressure I can finish it off. Here are the as completed pics





Heres the res of the pics
She enjoyed it if nothing else
I can't believe she wanted to be boba and not Princess Leia!! That had to be a sight to see walking around.
Too cute (To Zero)


What a sight!

Not only is Jango great and Boba incredible, but let's not forget Baby Leia.

What a fun day you must have had. Thanks for sharing the adorable photos.

:zam -Jacq.

PS- I'm sure you all have enough candy to last until next Halloween.
never_risk_the_fett_man said:
i envy the jet pack..howd u do the gauntlets?
I took one of the templates from the form here and Scaled it to fit myself. I'm 6'2" then I reduced it to 62.5 % the ratio of my daugters size to mine and Started cutting. The majority of the gauntlet is wood(Pine) with spot filler to remove the grain and alot of paint. then wheatered it and took the pictures far away so you couldn't tell that there only good because they are on a child. JK i think the key to any good prop, costume or anything you do for that matter is #1 the support and help from people that have done it(Thanks to all of you) #2 breaking each peice into its own project to reduce how overwhelming it is when you look at it as a whole.

I'm taking here to a local museam/show this weekend and have talked her into wearing the costume there, should be a real trip. I love doing the things I've always wanted to do but didn't have the guts with here casue if you look like a idiot, she doesn't know the differance your still her dad.

Thanks again guys for all your help, And again wizards templates rock and will be around for a long time at least on my pc anyway. Keep up the good work.
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