Darth Vader helmet


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like it even more now :)
armor was editted. cut the cape that came with the supreme for this bust as ill make a new one for the costume itself.



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been a while!!
it needs alot more work.
the shoulders are pulled together to much the back wich does align them perfectly with the padded undersuit but it takes away from the broad shoulder part to much.

the kama and gloves are just place holders, as Ill make new ones myself. just bought 30 meters of wool and satin for it :)

need straps on the sleeves to pull them down into a more shug position.

but so far it's shaping up really well :) the chestbox, belt boxes etc are well attached and the undersuit has a snug fit.

more soon :)



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been working on the soft parts of this costume.
I'm not going for approval but just want a really snug fitted, awesome looking Darth Vader. So I just pick parts from different versions that I like and tweek them a little here and there.
made the kama out of 3 sections, with a total of about 1m50 by 8m of a wool immitation polyester. I tend to stay away from natural fabrics as they get folds and crinches when transported.

2018-03-16 23.00.19.jpg

2018-03-16 23.01.08.jpg



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Nice build!

I have wanted to do a Vader bust, and maybe modifying a Rubies may be the way to go.

Well done!