Darth Bane, Full Orbalisk armour

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I have shared my progress on this everywhere but here. And since folk have asked about the suit's progress in my other threads here on The Dented Helmet, I thought it tyme to start a progress thread. This has been the project I fall back on when my other projects settle down. He has been with me for ages now.

Darth Bane was first mentioned in the novelization of Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menance. His bizarre appearance was first visualized by artist Jesús Redondo.


Darth Bane as interpreted by Michael Sutfin, 2002. This is the third Lucas Film Licensed illustration of Darth Bane, and the inspiration for my costume in progress.

In brief, Darth Bane's armour is a colony of symbionts called Orbalisks. They are impervious to most all attack--even lightsabre, a significant advantage in the Star Wars Universe--and are very difficult to remove. They also cause the wearer interminable agony. To stop the colony from growing over his face as he sleeps, Darth Bane wears a protective cage-like helmet.

To begin this project I made sketches to understand the character;

And then I began to sculpt:

What resulted was the most difficult mold and casting I have ever worked on;

But I am happy with the results so far:

I studied entomology for two years in college as an elective. I approached the anatomy of the Orbalisks with isopods, chiton, and certain beetles in mind.

This has been a tyme consuming endeavour;


Inspired by the deadline set by the 2008 Rebelscum Halloween Costume Contest, I turned my focus to arriving at a wearable version of my beloved Darth Bane costume.

I consider the image above to be a test fitting of the work in progress, with several components left to fabricate and others to finish. I so look forward to having a new suit to wear to events next year.

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Thomas, I keep coming back to this thread to read the new replies. While I'm here I take a look at the pics again, I'm really impressed with this!

I have a question though, The headpiece is cage like and seems to encase the whole of your head? So is the piece in two pieces or did you cast it with with some sort of rubber so that it'd stretch over you head?