Cutting Holes in Backplate for Jet Pack Straps:

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Cutting Holes in Backplate for Jetpack Straps:

I got my backplate a couple weeks ago and it's been sitting collecting dust while I've been working on other projects (far to many!) and painting. So I need to cut out the holes for the backpack straps, but I'm not sure about the dimensions for the holes. Can anyone help me out with the holes proper dimensions, or does everyone just guesstimate? Thanks.

For me it was just enough so I could get the clips that attach to the :jet pack form my harness through the slots.
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That's what I wanted to do, was not make as large of an opening as I've seen others make. I'd like it just large enough so that the straps work freely and it won't get hung up on the back-plate itself.
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Do you have a vest yet? If so, measure the holes to that. I built my backplate first, then had a vest made with holes. They did not line up close enough to work, so I had to rebuild my backplate. It was a pain
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Nope, no vest as of yet. The vest maker is ill at present and of course won't be able to get to it anytime soon sadly. I really don't Need to cut them out now. I just thought I'd do it while I was sanding it and getting ready for primer, but I could even cut it even after I've painted if I'm careful...
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